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On September 17, 2020 Collingwood resident Tyler Gibson began a 900km journey to hike the entire length of Ontario's Bruce Trail.  

Tyler's journey is one with a purpose.  As someone who lives with the effects of a brain injury, Tyler is using this hike to help raise funds and awareness for the Ontario Brain Injury Association.  Please read the message below directly from Tyler to find out more about his hike and why this cause is so important to him. Be sure to follow his social media accounts linked in the message for updates on his progress!

In an effort to help Tyler's mission, Stand By Me Photography is raffling off two canvas prints.  Please find all the details below on how to purchase your tickets for this great cause!

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The Prize:

Two individual winners will each receive a gorgeous professional 16"x 24" canvas print of a photo taken by Stand By Me Photography.  Your choice of print from the "Waterfall/Nature" gallery on this website. Includes shipping to any Ontario address (*outside of Ontario, Canada additional shipping fees will apply).  Great to hang in your own house and give as a gift!

Draw Dates:

Draw One - Thursday, October 8th - 8pm

Draw Two - Monday, October 26th - 8pm

Draws will be videoed and posted for all to see!

Ticket Costs:

One (1) ticket - $10

Three (3) tickets - $25

Fifteen (15) tickets - $100

How to Purchase Tickets:

  1. E-transfer payment to adding in your email address to the "Message/Note to Recipient" note box. 

  2. Upon receipt of this transfer, we will email you to confirm your ticket purchase. 

*It is VERY important that your email address is included in the notes on your transfer is this is our only way to confirm with you your purchase.  Please email us if you do not receive confirmation from us within few days following your donation.

Yes.  It is as easy as that!  One simple step and you have not only supported an amazing cause but also have the chance at an amazing canvas print!  Hang in your own home or give as a gift!

Following the second draw we will transfer the funds to Tyler's FB fundraising page linked directly to the Ontario Brain Injury Association.  A confirmation email/screen shot of this transfer will be publicly posted.

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A Message from Tyler Gibson  - September 17, 2020

"Today, I will be starting a thru-hike of the Bruce Trail, Canada's oldest and longest footpath. I will be hiking over 900km from Niagara to Tobermory. I will be doing this to raise funds and awareness for Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI's) with all proceeds going to the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA).

I have been living with the effects of my brain injury for much of my life but, after more than a decade of seeking medical help I was only diagnosed 4 years ago due to my extensive history of concussions. This has had a considerable impact on my life including work, my relationships, my mental health and maintaining any sort of routine.

Since my diagnosis, I have been fortunate to have received help and guidance from many community organizations, my wellness team, support group and especially my family. I have tried to use many of the tools that I have learned to help manage my symptoms (i.e. cognitive impairment, memory issues, brain fatigue, migraines, struggles with attention and interpreting/relaying information, depression, and anxiety).

Hiking has had a very positive effect on me as being in nature comes naturally for me and requires less mental exertion while also improving my physical and mental health. I am doing this hike to give back for all the help I have received and to help others that are living with an ABI, while raising awareness for this invisible disability that in many cases has no cure.

After all the years of waiting for the next doctor's appointment, the next specialist and having an unknown future, finally having a goal with a clear path and destination gives me a purpose again.

I’m hoping you will consider making a donation. You can also follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram (@tylergibson987) as I will be posting photos and updates along my way.

Wish me luck and thanks so much for your support and encouragement." - Tyler Gibson

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