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New Year, New Beginnings!

I just finished working a full 8hr shift at my long time job, yet I drive home with the biggest smile on my face and excitement rushing through my body. No, not because the shift is over and I get an evening off - I plan on working late into the night as soon as I get home. What could possibly cause someone to be so excited about working all evening after a full day? Passion. It's what drives us and has the ability to make us come alive! Passion is what drives my love of photography and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to turn my passion into a job.

Lots more to come and I hope you can tag along with me on this amazing journey! For now I leave you with one thought....

A quality photo doesn't capture a moment - it should capture feelings, personalities, and be able to tell a story. Allow me to help tell your, your loved ones, your pets, etc. story through my photography.

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